MapMyCloudVisualize Your Public Cloud Infrastructure

MapMyCloud is a one-time snapshot that shows you the logical hierarchy of all your public cloud resources. View compute, storage and other resources – and the dependencies between them.

Beyond the initial MapMyCloud snapshot you can also sign up for CloudMapper - our full SaaS-based multi-cloud monitoring service that provides:

  • Discovery and monitoring of compute, network and storage
  • Live dependency maps
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Complete visibility for availability and performance events
  • Long-term data archiving

For AWS, Azure, SoftLayer and vCloud Air – all on a live, 24x7 basis. Now you can gain an independent, real-time view of all the assets you have provisioned and are paying for in your public cloud account!

Complete the MapMyCloud form below to see your Cloud snapshot or sign up for the full live CloudMapper service here.

MapMyCloud Screenshot

Map Your Cloud

Your Credentials

Your credentials will be used for read-only purposes, exclusively to enable creation of a ScienceLogic monitoring instance which will generate your cloud map. Once your map has been generated, the ScienceLogic instance and all records of your credentials will immediately be destroyed.

No publicly accessible identifying information will be associated with your cloud map, and ScienceLogic will only use your cloud map for purposes of direct communication with you.